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If you are new to kiting, you might find these brief descriptions of our kite catagorys and links to their product pages useful:

Stunt Kites & Sport Kites

Stunt kites can have two, three or four lines that steer the kites through the sky, performing an amazing number of tricks and stunts. It takes practice, but once you accomplish the basics, you will be well on your way to performing a variety of tricks that will keep onlookers and you amazed.

Power Kites:
From just a little power to full throttle excitement, we have the kite you need. The smallest kites will tug on your arms and fly faster than the larger kites, doing the same tricks that a rigid from stunt kite will do.

Easy Flyer Kites:
As the name says, they are very easy to fly. The easy flyer kites come in colors and graphics suitable for young children, teenagers and adults. And easy flyer kites are available in three sizes: regular, large and jumbo. With more than 100 easy flyer kites to select from, it won't be difficult to find an easy flyer kite for anyone on your list.

Flying Wonders Kites:
These are a collection of single line kites including airplane kites, ship and boat kites, butterfly kites, bird kites, fish and sea creature kites, insect kites, animal kites and kites that look like dogs, people and horses to name just a few.

When is the wind right to fly a kite?

Revolution Quad Line Kites Kites:
It will take practice (lots of practice) but you can do this too!

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