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"I was entirely satisfied with your website and the services you provide. Kites and kite flying are wonderful past-times and you offer a nice variety of kites, all well described and displayed. I flew my big Jalbert wing kite in Brittany early last summer and was the talk of the beach.
Best wishes,"
John Kelleher, Dunny Cove, Ireland Read more Windward Kites Customer Testimonials.

If you are new to kiting, you might find these brief descriptions of our kite catagorys and links to their product pages useful:

Easy Flyer Kite
Easy Flyer Kites

Easy Flyer Kites are exactly what the name implies. The graphics range from cartoon characters to beautiful artistic designs. They are available in three sizes and kite flyers of any age will appreciate their ease of use. With so many to choose from, you will have no problem finding the right one.
Stunt kite & Sport Kite example
Stunt/Sport Kites

Stunt kites also known as sport kites are our most popular catagory of kites. Always flown with two lines between 85'-110' in length. Prices range from $38-$400+ Appropriate for ages 10+ with instruction. Manufactures include HQ kites, Prism kites, New Tech kites and Premier Kites.
Butterfly Kite
Flying Wonder Kites

You would not expect to see a caterpillar or a Manta Ray to be made into a kite, but in this section, you will find dozens of kites that are totally awesome. Bats, Birds, Geometric shapes, Airplanes, Ships, Fish, Space Ships, Faries. Owls, Dragons and Animals...they are all here. Something for everyone.
A typical diamond kite
Diamond Kites

Diamond kites are easily recognizeable kite shapes as it was a diamond kite that Ben Franklin flew in his electric storm experiment. Diamond kites have a relatively small surface area, so when the wind is shifty or not steady, they will dive and rise to the delight of onlookers.
a picture of a diamond kite
Delta Kites

Delta kites are very easy to fly and come in a variety of sizes fro 48" wide to 20 FEET wide. With such a broad canvas to design, manufactures have a lot of fun filling these kite with bright and bold colors and designs. Large delta kites should only be flown by responsible adults.
Dragon kite picture
Dragon Kites

Draon kites have been around for centuries and are a familiar scene in China, Japan and Korea. A fair amount is needed to launch these kites, but once they are airborne, they begin to dance and float with a rhythm that mimics the air current higher in the sky. Children may find these a bit difficult to fly.
parafoil kite picture
Parafoil Kites

Parafoil kites are the favorite of travelers because they don't have any spars (sticks) that make them difficult to put in a suitcase or glove compartment. Parafoli kites come in a variety of sizes from very small to very large. The largest parafoil kites hoist all sorts of line laundry and are called Sky anchors.
box kite picture
Box/Cellular Kites

Box kites and cellular kites are an opportunity to express the kite makers artistic side along with the engineers sensibilities. It is truly amazing to see many of these kites in the air as they spin and tumble without falling out of the sky. From simple to elaborate, cellular kites make wonderful gifts.
mini kite picture
Mini Kites

Our mini kites are typically purchased to decorate for parties or include in a gift bag. They do fly and they include a handle of string (more like thread), but please remember that it takes a fair amount of wind to make a small kite fly. It take considerably less wind to get a larger kite to fly.
mini kite picture
Rokkaku Kites

Rokkaku kites are not for novice flyers, but because the graphics on these kites are so interesting, it is a kite that is difficult for the novice kite flyer to ignore. By tensioning a set of lines attached to the frame, a slight bend is put into the kite which gives it its flying ability.
penta kite picture
Penta Kites

Penta kites, because of their "5 points" are perfect for making images of animals-two feet, two legs and a head. The whimsical penta kites that the Hepsler Brothers designed for Premier kites are a prime example of penta kites and many people use them to decorate children's rooms.
designer kite image
Designer Kites

You probabably are not familiar with most of our kite designers names unless you are a kiting enthusiast, but these kites are only available in limited editions and they exemplify some truly ingenious designs that have been given awards at competitions and ehibitions and reside in museums worldwide.
jackite bird image
Jackite Bird Kites

When does a kite serve a useful purpose other than to entertain us? Well Jackites do. All of the jackites are shaped like birds with flapping wings. When they are tied to a flexible pole with a length of string, they proctect vineyards, boats, docks and other areas where birds have become a nuisance.
kite string image
Kite String etc.

While mnay of our kites come with string, it is usually a small amount that is supplied bu the manufacturer. Since it more fun fun to get your single line kites up in the sky, you will need to purchase some of our 500' or 1,000' spools. We will help you with what lb. strength you need.
kite laundry image
Line Laundry/Tails

Line Laundry sounds so strange, but it makes perfect sense when you understand what it does. All of that line that extends between you and the kite up in the air needs something to decorate it!. Some creations just don't fly by themselves, so lets help them out and enjoy this line laundry!
custom kite image
Private Label Kites

We get calls about making custom kites almost every day, but it is important to understand that we can not make a "single " custom have to order thousands of kites to have a custom kite made and it will take months of planning before you brand is ready to fly.
garden spinner image>
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Wildly popular, wind spinners have become the norm for many gardens and lawns across America. There are far more designs than we can carry, but if you don't see it here, just let us know and we will locate it for you. Great at the beach or on the farm, these are amusing to watch.