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How to avoid a kite flying disaster with your child

With so many categories of kites to choose from, it is important to find an age appropriate kite to have the most fun.


For most of us, our first introduction to kiting was as a child. Perhaps you were at the beach and saw a kite up in the sky and asked your parents to buy you one too. Or your grandparents took you to the park with an old kite that had been in a closet for years, and now some parts were missing and it didn't fly that well. Today, I will cover the kite that will perform well for children ten years of age or less. It dosen't mean that an adult wouldn't have fun flying them, it simply means that a child will be able to handle the logistics of flying the kite without damaging the kite.

About 15 years ago, almost all of the major kite manufacturers started making a version of a delta kite most commonly called the Easy Flyer kite. Every manufacturer has a similar name like Fun flyer, Sureflyer, Simple Flyer and more. The idea behind the design was to eliminate the need for an add-on tail or the guess work of how much tail was needed. The head of the kite is actually delta shaped. The delta shape or delta kites are known for their stability so that was a logical starting place. In order to steady the kite in various wind conditions, a tail was added to the delta. The spars that are used to assemble the kite (only two) are as easy as it gets. One goes from top to bottom of the delta portion of the kite and and one goes horizontally on the delta portion of the kite. Manufacturers thoughtfully include a handle of string in the package, although I have found that the string is of poor quality and not of significant length. You would be better off purchasing good line (500' or more) on a spool that makes winding easier.

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Many of the manufacturers offer these kites in two or three sizes ( and price points) because they have become so popular with adults as well as children. And the graphics on the easy flyer kite appeal to a wide audience.

For the very young For the slightly older For young teens And for adults

Launching an Easy flyer kite is, well....EASY. Most of the manufacturers will have tied a small loop on the bridle of the kite where you attach the string. Many of the string manufacturers include a clip that can easily be attached to the loop. If not, we suggest making a larks head knot and slipping it over the loop and tighten the knot. This is better than tying a knot on, but as a last resort you can do that. Now let out about 30' of line and have a helper hold the kite up down wind ( the wind is coming over your back and towards your helper) as you keep the line taught. It should go up quickly, and then you can begin to let out more line. Winding i is easy as there won't be much pull on the kite. Just remember not to fly around trees or powerlines or other obstacles. If you get tired holding the line, you may be able to anchor the line with a sand anchor or tie it to a heavy object like a trash container or beach chair. And remember, have fun! You can always email a kite specialist at Windward kites (windward or call us at

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