Rush 4 Pro 350 Power Kite

Rush 4 Pro 350 Power Kite

Rush 4 Pro 350 Power Kite


Product Details

*very smooth and stable flying characteristics
*durable construction with reinforced profiles and sewn bridle
*3rd line for safety and reverse launching
*flying lines already attached to the kite
*excellent light wind performance
*new profile and shape
*includes leash line with shock absorber

This kite is suitable for beginners who would like to learn to kite with ATB's, Buggys and snow kiting.

Watch a movie featuring the Rush 4 Pro 300 manufactured by HQ Kite

Included accessories:

*Cool Triangle Backpack
*20" control bar*Trainer kite guide

Material: Rip Stop Nylon
Span: 11'6"
Wind: 6-34 mph
Included: 485 lb. x 65' flight lines, (1) 220 lb lsafety 3rd line, 20" control bar