Beamer V 5.0 Power Kite

Beamer V 5.0 Power Kite

Beamer V 5.0 Power Kite


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Product Details

The legendary Beamer V 5.0 R2F, now in its 5th generation, is again raising the standard for quad-line handle performance. It has never been easier to experience power and speed with this much stability. The Beamer V power kite never gets obsolete as performance increases with the pilots ability to actively use the brakes to generate extra power. High quality materials and superior workmanship come standard.

• completely re-designed shape for increased performance
• dirt-out system at the wingtips
• amazingly stable, especially in gusty conditions
• comprehensive, top-quality accessories

Included accessories:

• Stylish backpack
• colored HQ quad handles XL with kite killer and ground stake loop
• colored Dyneema line set
• strop harness line
• ground stake for securing kite on ground
• multilingual instruction manual
• This kite is suitable for beginner training for ATB's, Buggy's and snow

Material: Rip Stop Nylon
Span: 13’9”
Wind: 4-24 mph
Line: (2) 485 lb. Dyneema x 65' (2) 220 lb x 65'
Control: Quadline Handles

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