Kayakite Parafoil Kite

Kayakite Parafoil Kite

Kayakite Parafoil Kite


Kayakite Parafoil Kite available for immediate delivery

Product Details

The Kayakite is a newly designed system that will be of interest to sea kayakers and operators of similar craft. It has been designed to aid in crosswind and downwind runs using the power of the wind. It is a simple and practical system to master. This is an easy and stable kite to fly and requires no previous kite flying experience. The KayaKite can perform in a broad range of conditions. The Kayakite deck bag is designed to allow easy deployment and recovery of the kite whilst sitting in the kayak. The KayakKite system has been designed in conjunction with sea kayakers. Its thorough testing has proved itself for easy use, practicality and performance.

The Kayakite System includes:

Deck Bag
Sea Anchor
Flying line on winder


Surface size: 2.2 m sq.
Projected Size: 1.75m x 1.30m
Deck Bag Size: 1.35m x .20m
3/4 oz. ripstop nylon
3mm fiberglass battens
Heavy duty nylon and mesh bag

The kite comes in multi color with keels color coded for easy launch (Starboard (right side) Green and Port (left side) Red. Convenient deck bag features multiple tabs for mounting and stiffened opening that allows easy access. Mesh vents allow moisture to drain and evaporate.