Delta Kites - One of the Easiest Kites to Fly

Delta kites are classic single line kites and one of the easiest to fly. They are very stable flyers and the large Delta Kites can lift a lot of line laundry!

Bright graphics and range of size from 4' to 20' in width makes this collection very large. Delta kites are delta shaped...a 3 sided kite with a very wide base. How wide? Usually at least 4' across at the base and we have some that measure 20' across at the base! Delta kites fly high and they love to have lots of tails, spinners and line laundry (also available in the ship!) attached to them. Because Delta kites have a large and flat surface area, kite designers are able to apply some outstanding graphics that are impossible to put on other styles of kites.

Don't be dissapointed! Remember to order one of the string suggestions with your kite.