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If you’re one of the thousands of people discovering the wonderful world of kite flying, welcome to your online headquarters for the best stunt kites and equipment you’ll need to enjoy this beautiful hobby. We’re affordable, too! Whether you are considering a delta, diamond, easy flyer, parafoil, rokkaku kite or looking for the perfect kite from our reputable manufacturers like PRISM Kites, HQ Kites, Premier Kites and New Tech Kites, check out our selection of gorgeous, high quality products that mean hours of fun for you and your family.

From kite string to kite buggies, we also have the accessories necessary for a perfect day of kite flying. With competitive prices, fast shipping from our Pennsylvania warehouse and of course the meticulous craftsmanship that’s made us famous, is the most popular kite supplier on the Internet. Find out why so many kite enthusiasts choose us for help pursuing their favorite pastime. Have a question? Call us to speak to a kite flying expert to help you decide which of our carefully curated selection of products is right for you.


If at any time you would like some help, please call: 1-215-862-5380, or use the live chat tab at the top right corner of the screen, or, email us at

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An explanation of our kite categories…

Stunt Kites: Also known as performance kites or as sport kites, traction kites, trick kites, power kites, dual line kites and even quad line kites… read more

Power Kites: Once again, these dual or quad line kites can also be known by all of the names listed above, but in this case, the shape of the kite… read more

Flying Wonders Kites: This is a large assortment of single line kites that are unusual in their shape and design yet easy to fly… read more

Delta kites: Delta kites are delta shaped… a 3 sided kite with a very wide base… read more

Diamond Kites: The diamond kite is the kite usually associated with our friend, Mr. Ben Franklin… read more

Penta Kites: Penta kites have "five points" representing the animal or human image with a head, two arms and two legs…read more

Easy Flyers/Super Flyers: We get calls every day asking for a kite that is fail safe, guaranteed to fly… read more

Box Kites, Cellular Kites: Most of us are familiar with box kites. Box kites need a little more wind than some of the aforementioned kites, but if you have a good steady breeze, they are a delight to fly. There are so many unusual shapes, which means that they have more than the average number of parts and take a bit more time to set up. But it is worth it - and which is why serious kiters always have a few cellular kites in their bag.

Parafoil Kites/Sled Kites: What makes parafoil and sled kites so popular is that they have no sticks that can break and they pack up into small pouches that travel just about anywhere. The larger parafoil kites and sled kites have significant pulling power that can hoist a lot of line laundry… sort of like an anchor in the sky!

Dragon Kites: Dragon kites are those long wavy kites you see in the sky that look like they could be 100 feet long…and many of them are. Our dragon kites start at 18' and they are just as exciting to watch and not difficult to launch.

Rokkaku Kites: Rokkaku kites are also known as fighting kites. They have six sides and are not easy to fly for the beginner. Rokkaku kites are very popular among collectors.

Mini Kites: Yes, mini kites really fly and they make great party favors. We know a lot of adults that love to sit in a beach chair and fly two or three mini kites at a time. (Yes Grandpa and Grandma, I'm talking about you!)

Collections & Special Order Kites: There are dozens of very talented kite designers throughout the world. It would be impossible for us to carry each of their designs, but now we have made it possible for you to purchase these very special kites at very attractive prices. These kites are not always in stock, so you may have to wait a while, but it will be worth it.

Jackite Flying Bird Kites: If you have never seen these before, it is worth taking a look. They are usually flown from a bamboo or fiberglass pole on a short length of string, but they can also be flown as a kite. They are made from tyvek… the same material that Federal Express uses to make their mailing envelopes. They are difficult to assemble so we recommend that you purchase them pre-assembled. The graphics are hand drawn and stunning. But what is really amazing is the lifelike appearance that they give as they fly in the sky. Used in the most recent Superbowl and at the Atlanta Olympics closing ceremonies.

Kite String, Tails, Accessories, videos: Every kite accessory including kite string in a variety of weights and lengths, kite tails, kite spinners, kite videos, stunt kite accessories, - everything you need to to fly a kite and more! If you don't see what you need, please tell us so we can get it for you.

Private Labeling kites: This area is not for if you are looking for a single kite that you want to have personalized with your name or message. We suggest buying one of our kites and taking it to a silkscreener to do that. If on the other hand, you are the purchasing manager for a large resort or you are putting on a huge event for the next visit of the Queen of England, let' talk… our minimum order is 3,000 kites, all of the same design.

Windfeather Banners: You have seen them at the soccer fields, kiting events, in front of stores and many other places, but you didn't know what they were called… it's Windfeathers! now you know and you should take a look at this large collection that will direct attention to your event.

Online Kite Movies & Kite Instructions

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Our Featured Sport Kite of the month…

The Vision Rainbow Vortex by Premier Kites is the perfect entry level sport kite. The affordable price and flying stability of this kite will take beginners from novice flyers to intermediate flyers in a few short lessons. Click here for additional information and to order.

Kites for Kids…

We wouldn't leave the kids out, that's why KitesRus sells the classics like the Rainbow Diamond kites, easy to fly Delta Kites of all sizes and the very popular Mini Kites. These are smaller versions of our top selling full size kites. Quality construction makes them durable, standing up to the maneuvers of the most inexperienced pilot.

Kites for Kids

Our featured Kids' kite of the month…

Simple to assemble and easy to fly, the entire line of easy flyer kites are graceful kites that look fabulous in the sky. Customers tell us that the Easy Flyer is is their favorite kite to fly. Click here for to see all of our Easy Flyer kites and to order.

Say "Thank You!" with a kite

Kites are a unique and fun way to send a thank you gift to your special friends. With more than 400 kite styles and themes to choose from, there must be one that matches the personality or interest of your recipient. And every time they fly it they will remember you as someone special. Most of our kites are very easy to fly, but if you're not sure, just give our kite specialist a call and he will suggest the perfect kite for your needs.

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Would you like to save 10% on your next order? Simply call your order in on our toll free line with your pilot's License number. Not a member yet? Here is the link:

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Ordering your kites online is a snap with our secure Kite Store. All of our prices are marked, many of them on sale for big savings in kite shopping! We ship via Priority Mail, with the option for next day shipping on request. You may e-mail us at windward Thank you for choosing! Call us: 215-862-5380 Any kite order over $99 qualifies for free shipping via Priority Mail in the USA.

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