The Kite Designers' Hall of Fame.

Kites you may have never seen before and you can own one! Unusual styles including Borealis Diamonds, 78" Rokkakus, Swept Wing Genki, 9' Deltas, 11' Deltas, 19' Deltas, 6.5' Flo-tail deltas, 13' Flo-tail deltas, T-Deltas, 8.5' Box deltas, 10.5' Double Box deltas, 12' box deltas, Parafoil 60's, 36 and 81 Powersleds, and designers such as Kathy Goodwind, Manfred Lindenlaub, Mike Mosman, Carel Vander Sanden, Ruddier Groning, Hunter Brown, Ceewan, Reza Ragheb, Mike Delfar, Jon Burkhaedt, Barbara Meyer, Carsten Domann, Hespeler Brothers, Willi Koch, Ralf Maserski, Peter Lynn, Rolf Zimmerman, Jim Rowlands, Bernhard Dingwert, Juergen Ebbinghaus, David Holt, Steffen Gaubatz, Joachim Nellissen and Christopher Goy.

*Because items in the Collection/Designer series are not inventoried at our store, they must be drop-shipped from the manufacturer and incur a shipping fee. They do not qualify for free shipping.

Don't be dissapointed! Remember to order one of the string suggestions with your kite.